The speciality of the McDonald’s Egg McMuffins

McDonald’s started eating breakfast all day in October to help curb sales, and while some franchises have only managed two menus at the same time, they appear to be the only ones to do so. Everyone takes a sip of McMuffin egg.

A new study by market research firm NPD Group, cited by The Wall Street Journal, found that a third of people who bought breakfast at McDonald’s were outside of lunch hours. I have never been to McDonald’s the previous month. This suggests that the all-day breakfast menu attracts people who wouldn’t eat at the fast-food chain, which is a huge win for McDonald’s.

These results reflect what YouGov BrandIndex discovered in October when McDonald’s consumer perceptions peaked after two years. It was also found that almost half of restaurant customers would consider McDonald’s the next time their next morning trip included a layover, a percentage well above the average, and the industry ranking. Former McDonald’s.

McDonald’s President Michael Andres suggested that all-day breakfast could be a “catalyst” for the fast-food business to change hours, and something seems important. Market research firm Technomic predicted in a blog post in April: “The demand for breakfast is seemingly strong all day. Breakfast all day may be an indispensable victory,” and its forecast seems to be a reality.

A new survey by the NDP group found that most people ate breakfast and 61% bought food without breakfast when they visited increasing spending.

While a Big Mac in the United States has two patties and essentially looks like two stacked patties, the “Giga Big Mac” has four, with a bun in the middle that separates each pair. Like the American version, it also consists of cheese, lettuce, onion, cucumber, and mustard sauce with a sweet flavor.