The signature burgers of the McDonald’s

In some markets, McDonald’s is testing a new cheap entry that has been renamed “Lovin ‘Value Menu”.

Signature Burger does not bring new ingredients to the McDonald’s pantry. Combine two regular burgers with white cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy Dijon mustard sauce. It’s on a potato bun that is just steps from most of the burgers that were ever on the menu for dollars and more. The dollar menu and more are not mentioned in the test menu diagrams. Instead, they advertise the inexpensive “Mini Meal” menu, which is a combination of higher-margin dishes with dollar items and more on the menu. The signature burger costs $ 2.49 (prices may vary). But with fries and small lemonades that exceed the new mini-food category for $ 3.99. With not-so-small sodas and medium fries, the price is $ 4.69. This brings the $ 4.99 a la carte price closer to sophisticated ¬£ 3 burgers.

The other mini-meal combinations offered on the Drive-Thru menu chart tested above are a McDouble mini-meal for $ 3.39. $ 49 and a McChicken mini-meal for $ 2.99. These items are also listed at the bottom of the menu bar, with a la carte pricing (also not called The Dollar Menu and more), a duplication that runs counter to streamlining and simplifying menus, McDonald’s says. What are you looking for

What’s so special about these burgers?

Another interesting item on the Lovin ‘Value menu in the test is a classic box of food. If you’re a longtime reader, you know I’ve been talking about canned food for many people since McDonald’s Australia launched the dinner box in 2010. It took five years, but canned food for multiple people finally seems finished. in much of the United States after spreading across most of the world in the McDonald’s global system. As shown, the classic $ 13.99 package includes two-quarters of a pound of cheese or two Big Macs (or Mix and Match), plus two medium-sized chips, three sauces, and a 20-piece McNuggets chicken. “4” is on the menu, although two young adults with a strong appetite may disagree.

In his May 4 video speech at the start of his change plan, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook promised: “Better prospects for developing an attractive and sustainable daily value proposition this summer to increase sales. The “Lovin’s Value Menu” platform with its signature mini-dish and burger combinations can certainly be a part of it. Frozen strawberry lemonade and a new drink return to McDonald’s summer menu: a McCaf√© green apple smoothie.