The return of pumpkin pie at the McDonald’s

Everyone knows that the best fall dessert is pumpkin pie. If you are like us, not a day goes by without dreaming of a large disc covered with a fresh whip. If you can’t wait until Thanksgiving to serve your favorite fall, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to. McDonald’s brings festive apple dough, and you guessed it – it’s a rotating pumpkin pie dusted with cinnamon sugar.

According to a McDVOICE spokesperson, the seasonal offer is again available in some restaurants in the United States, where cakes are baked daily. According to Brand Eating, the candy costs 89 cents per cake or $ 1.50 for two. In 2011, the blogger tested the limited edition article and found it “pretty boring.” Although it was seven years ago, it is likely that the chain has lowered its flavors since then.

As always, people on Twitter split up at the beginning of the season.

“It tastes like the spirit of pumpkin pie,” said @PeteGKing.

“If you eat this McDonald’s pumpkin pie it will be serious,” said @ AyeJuice21.

“McDonald’s pumpkin pie> all other fast food desserts except ice cream,” said @JacobTamme. “Chick-Fil-A Choc-Chip-Cookie very, very close to second place.”

“I have to admit that this pumpkin pie is very perfect @McDonalds,” said @Justin_Forshaw.

Everyone at McDVOICE accidentally put a pumpkin pie in an apple pie wrapper and told me I owed my life, it’s VERY GOOD, “@Azelpop said.

Okay, this probably isn’t like a real deal, but if you don’t survive Turkey Day without it, this may be a viable option, especially if you like nuggets and chips.