The purpose of McManifesto served by the McDonald’s

Many people are upset by McDonald’s new financial advisory center for employees, a poorly thought-out project that escapes the carefree “eating cake.” “Every dollar makes a difference,” McDonald’s tells its struggling and often impoverished workers.

But it’s time to get rid of the resentment and thank McDonald’s. He has supported campaigns such as minimum wage increases, petitions like this, and the National Day of Action on July 24, which has been invaluable and has provided a timely and well-documented mission on his behalf. This new site offers invaluable data for a live “McManifesto”.

The Golden Solution

Get the following: The new employee website, created in association with Visa, suggests that employees of this Fortune 500 company begin the financial planning process with a second job.

McDonald’s also advises employees not to dress, heat their homes, continue their education, or pay more than $ 600 in rent and $ 20 per month health insurance premiums, several authors noted. (As Daniel Gross points out, this would generate approximately two days of reporting.)

And as if that wasn’t enough, the McDonald’s budget sample doesn’t even contain money for purchases. Apparently, for McDonald’s employees, the term “good food” means that you are happy if you are lucky enough to eat.

People were bubbling up in front of the arched keys on the website, which included interactive games like “Financial Football” and “Travel to Savings”, and was impressed by the wonderful ignorance behind statements like “Know where your money is going” and how it is. Budgeting “is the key” to your financial freedom. “The heart of the matter.

Many McDonald’s employees need public support to survive, often Medicaid. It’s true: the public even subsidizes McDonald’s low wages and poor health services.

Subsidize McDonald’s? For health care? With this meal, it should be taken with a supplement.

An Insights On The Matter

Curiosity: McDonald’s says it serves nine million pounds of chips every day around the world. With just over half of franchises in the United States, Americans are likely to consume four to five million pounds of this butter and space-time mass every 24 hours.

All McDonald’s potato chips are a fat little drone that targets the American cardiovascular system. We can only imagine how much of our country’s uncontrollable health costs can be attributed to this company.

And we subsidize healthcare, not the other way around. Gross profit

In 2012, McDonald’s had annual sales of more than $ 10 billion from $ 27 billion. This is more than 12% more than in 2010. The lard trade is going well.

Visa, which for some reason saved most of the hassle online this week, deserves its share of negative attention. As a financial part of the team on this website, Visa was probably the job that reminded fast-food workers that “every day and every dollar makes a difference.”

Visa, like McDonald’s, is a spoiled business. A less corrupt government with large sums of money would have dismantled this monopoly long ago, particularly due to its tendency to abuse its dominance.