The pay protest of the McDonald’s UK staff

British McDonald’s employees went on strike as part of a world day of wage protests.

Workers in six London stores pulled out when protests erupted in Britain. There were also campaigns in the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, and Chile.

McDonald’s said the attackers are a “small fraction” of its British workforce.

The fast-food giant has also been accused of sexual harassment in the United States.

The lawsuit alleges widespread harassment in a Michigan McDonald franchise that ignored management and was a “symbol” of a major problem within the company.

The case includes more than 50 complaints against the company in recent years about sexual harassment, according to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which is working on the lawsuit.

McDonald’s said it has updated its training and bullying guidelines in recent years and is working with its franchises to implement the updates. However, attorneys working on the process say their clients have hardly changed.

“They are the definition of a store,” said Gillian Thomas of the American Civil Liberties Union, which is working on the issue.

The protests call for an end to “poverty reduction” and better conditions.

McDonald’s UK employees demand an increase in wages to GBP 15 an hour, more than a third more than they currently earn.

They also want to end youth rates, a guaranteed hours option of up to 40 hours a week, a four-week notice period, and recognition from their union, bakery, food and a similar union. (BFAWU)

Lewis Baker, a London Crayford McDonald employee, said it was surprising because he was having a hard time paying his hourly rent of £ 8.80.

According to Baker, there are workers who still struggle financially.

Due to no fixed schedule, the earnings are not enough by paying the bills.

The Poverty Payment

Melissa Evans, 32, a mother who works at McDonald’s in Wandsworth Town, London, said McDonald’s employees “deserve the same respect as everyone else.”

This is the fourth time since September 2017 that McDonald’s employees in the UK have gone on strike, with each strike increasing consecutively.

There was also a global strike against the wages of the fast-food giant, thousands went to the United States.

The company has been criticized for paying high salaries to executives, while local workers struggle to progress.

Demonstrations took place on Tuesday in five German cities, including Berlin and Hamburg, as well as Belgium. There were protests in Israel last week and action is expected in New Zealand next week.

Former boss Steve Easterbrook, who was fired last week for an anonymous relationship with employees, received $ 15.9 million in compensation in 2018. That was 2,124 times the average salary for McDonald’s employees. $ 7,473.

British Chancellor John McDonnell, who joined the workers outside Downing Street, the prime minister’s home in central London, said low wages and dangerous jobs were “widespread” in the industry. Fast food

Owen Espley of the War on Want charity that supports the strikes said McDonald’s workers had been exploited but “fought. They demand respect and a fair share of the benefits.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said of the London action: “We are extremely disappointed that a very small number of our employees are considering industrial actions in a handful of our restaurants.

“We know that only nine people are involved in six restaurants, which corresponds to a small part of our 130,000 employees and 1,300 restaurants.