The partnership of McDonald’s with the U.S. Embassy

In a move that made a lot of noise on social media, McDonald’s and the United States Embassy in Vienna teamed up to help captured Americans abroad.

Tourists can now go to one of the 194 McDonald’s in Austria and are given a 24-hour number to contact the US embassy. You can also find the phone number if you find int necessary.

The club, announced on May 10, went online on Wednesday. However, there has been a mixed response online with users in the United States. through the association with the fast-food brand, associated with an increase in obesity.

Can I have a McPassport, please?” Wrote a Facebook user. “Introducing McVisa! The number of responses on the social media was way too high. Ans it was a no surprise as McDonald’s is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the world. Wrote one person. Others asked questions about the confidentiality of private information. When a user asked if the deal could be a precursor to the closure of the Royal United States Embassy in Vienna, the official report replied, “Certainly not. Our embassy is fully equipped and ready to help. American citizens in need. This Partnership is just an additional way for Americans to connect to the embassy in an emergency. ”

The safety and well-being of the citizens is the top-most priority of the company. As part of our commitment to helping American citizens, we work when we need overseas occasionally with the private sector and other non-governmental organizations. This program allows American citizens in need to enter any McDonald’s in Austria and communicate with the United States Embassy by phone. ”

A McDonald’s representative said the company was not being paid for the service, the New York Times reported.