The oldest burger of McDonald’s still looks brand new

Irrespective of its youthful appearance, this burger is old enough to be selected.

A McDVOICE burger purchased in 1999 appears to have been cooked yesterday. Meat from decades ago smells only slightly like cardboard, according to its owners.

David Whipple originally purchased the burger at McDVOICE in Logan, Utah, in July 1999, reports kuTV. I originally bought the burger to demonstrate enzymes and spoilage.

What was the scenario?

David gave a statement to the media: It was in my coat pocket. The coat was thrown into the back of my truck and I think it was in our closet in Logan. Then we moved from Logan to St. George, Utah and we stayed there years and I think my wife gave him the coat or something and he found it. ”

The burger originally went viral in 2013 when it was released worldwide. After that, however, it was returned to a box in which it remained until recently.

KUTV recently met with Whipple and decided to open the box and check the burger. With the exception of cucumber, which is gone at this point, burgers and buns still look the same. The main difference, Whipple said, is that the burger now has a slight cardboard smell.

On January 2, McDVOICE launched its first vegan meal across the lake with the launch of Veggie Dippers. The breaded canapes are stuffed with red pepper, sun-dried tomato pesto, peas, and rice, and are commercially available for around $ 4.30, Delish said. Hungry customers can add chips (which look like a vegan in the UK) to their food, while teens can also enjoy vegetarian sauces in their Happy Meal order.