The most expensive McDonald’s giant Mac

Fast food has a few requirements: speed, food, and low costs. And when it comes to cheap, McDVOICE revolutionized gaming with the invention of the “Dollar Menu” in 2002.

But of course, prices and participation may vary. For example, if you want a McLobster, you have to go to New England in the summer. And if you want to pay almost seven dollars for a Big Mac, go to Switzerland.

With an average transaction of $ 6.54, Switzerland has the highest average price in the world for McDonald’s Big Mac. But just because old Ronald McDonald has some kind of Swiss bias, he’s only following the trend.

According to The Economist’s 2018 Big Mac Index, these are the five most expensive countries where you can buy a Big Mac as of July 2018:

  • Switzerland ($ 6.54)
  • Sweden ($ 5.83)
  • United States ($ 5.51)
  • Norway ($ 5.22)
  • Canada ($ 5.07)

If you want to save a few dollars buying the cheapest Mac in the world, you must go to Egypt at the first store in Illinois ($ 1.75). Still hungry for more cool facts about McDonald’s Big Mac? Take a look at these 14 Big Mac facts you didn’t know.

McDonald’s customers in Washington, D.C., can expect their next order of potato chips to include an inclusion message.

Celebrating the city’s LGBTQ community, some McDVOICE restaurants in the DC region During Pride Week, large orders of potato chips are served in rainbow-print containers.

Color trays are available June 9-11, but only while supplies last and only at three McDVOICE specialty restaurants along the route of the Capital Pride Alliance parade this year.

McDonald’s family restaurants in Washington, DC are also sponsors of the Capital Pride Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to LGBTQ education and public relations. He would have a troop at this year’s parade on June 10.