The modifications in the McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it has moved to fresh pound quarters instead of frozen meat at 3,500 restaurant chains in the United States and plans to expand elsewhere in May.

The fast-food giant’s announcement follows a promise made a year ago to bring fresh meat to the market at most of its 14,000 American restaurants in mid-2018. McDonald’s has made several first-class efforts to improve the quality of its grocery items. fast-food menu. Symbols of how to remove artificial preservatives from McNuggets and start all-day breakfast in 2015.
McDonald’s faces competition from brands like Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out and Shake Shack Inc, as well as traditional competitors like Wendy’s Co.

Our suppliers have invested approximately $ 60 million in converting they’re frozen to fresh supply chains, as per the statement released by McDonald’s President Chris Kempczinski.

What is so special about our products?

“McDonald’s is a hamburger shop and there is no better place to start than our hamburger,” he added in CNBC comments.

Kempczinski informed Reuters that there were initial concerns about what fresh, custom burgers would mean for the restaurant’s opening hours.

When the speed slows down, it’s a critical part of our business, so we had to invest a lot of time making sure we got a way to prepare the order that didn’t limit service, he says.

However, the internet is skeptical about the fast-food chain’s approach of recognizing women’s contributions, asking McDonald’s to treat workers, and pointing out what some see as hypocrisy when they go on vacation without complying with the policies of the company. Support for.

Of course, McDonald’s isn’t the only way a brand can make a statement in honor of the holiday season: Barbie has already released a series of commemorative dolls representing women who write history, and Google creates its own game to tell the stories. Tell women stories to tell.