The minion toys of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s says it is not planned to pick up a talking Happy Meal toy, although some customers say it appears to be using profanity.

The chain presented toys inspired by the Minions movie.

The company released a statement that the sounds made by the characters are absurd and not offensive.

He says the Minion Caveman toy makes three sounds: “for the bulky”, “hahaha” and “hey hey”.

A toy purchased by the Associated Press news agency produces a sound that can be interpreted as an obscene phrase.

“I heard what he said and asked, ‘Wow, wait here,'” Taylor King told Fox 28, who bought a happy meal for her three-year-old son in South Columbus, Ohio, on Monday.

“It clearly says what it says.”

You think it says “WTF”, but not in summary.

The rise in the customers

McDonald’s says a “very small number of customers” contacted the company about the toy.

The company said the campaign should continue until the end of July.

Our primary focus at McDonald’s is to offer some delicious food and entertainment to our gem-like valuable customers and we are happy to have Minions on board, the company said.

McDVOICE spokeswoman Lisa McComb said there are no plans to remove the toys from the store.

Minions, a sequel to the My Favorite Villain movies, premiered last month.

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