The McDonald’s Own Currency

The Big Mac will soon be 50 years old and McDonald’s will celebrate the way everything is celebrated in 2018: the opening of a separate room, though it has a twist.

Although crypto is a big problem today, McDonald’s plays a curved ball in the self-published coin game and uses a real physical currency called “MacCoin”. At least we know the exact amount: a Big Mac or around $ 3.99. MacCoin can be redeemed at “participating locations” in 50 countries for a free Big Mac. Regarding the actual purchase of a MacCoin, the company is somewhat vague in a press release: “A variety of exciting gifts, with each participating country celebrating the arrival of MacCoin in their own way. Do we want that?” Exist? Can we build the MacCoin system like McDonald’s Monopoly game? And if we succeed, do we risk being Hamburg? Can they be used to pay tuition fees at the University of Hamburg? MacCoin can be marketed at 14,000 locations in the United States. So, there is probably someone close to you who calls what the fast-food empire calls “the world’s first food currency.”

There will be many, more than 6.2 million, and MacCoins will include illustrations from decades of Big Mac history at McDonald’s. This includes the creepy Mac Tonight from the late 1980s. MacCoins will launch on Thursday. It would have been the 100th birthday of Jim Delligatti, a former McDonald’s owner and operator who developed the Big Mac.

Burgers are blessed.

McDonald’s has been the top priority of people when it comes to enjoying the delicious burgers.

They have been in the market for a good time now. They still strive to attract more customers on their premises and make sure that their services and the served food are the best in the world.