The McDonald’s employee shamed on the social media

The photo went viral on a local Facebook group and it really went wrong for the person who was serving the McDonald’s. However, after the man was left homeless and rested between shifts at the fast-food restaurant, the local community decided to offer his support rather than mock him.

Local journalist Matt Johnson met with Simon Childs, who said his mother had recently died and had been through difficult times.

The 21-year-old added that he is raising his grandson and trying to care for his family. He was just broken after seeing his picture there.

Mr. Childs’ situation caused his local community to respond kindly and give his son diapers and clothes.

According to him, the church didn’t care much, but they at least did.

Two chefs at a nearby restaurant offered to lend Childs a car. And a local hairdresser gave her a free haircut to prepare for the interviews. Childs informed the local news channel that he had received job offers from Facebook and was happy to find a permanent home for him and his son.

Many used social media to criticize the woman’s decision to embarrass Childs on Facebook.

“It’s never cool to embarrass someone like this”.

Was It A Plan?

While others said the woman’s plan to criticize Childs was “shot.”

The woman who shared the photo on Facebook told WSB-TV on camera that she had no intention of embarrassing Childs. Others sympathized with the difficulties Mr. Childs encountered.

A Twitter user wrote: It is hard to lose the mother and still go on with life like this.

You don’t pull down the person especially when they are already down.

The children’s experience is an example of “strange shame” in which photos or videos are posted on social media to highlight unpleasant behaviors.

The programs, the students who slept in the library, the men in red pants and the naps of the travelers were the target of ridicule and secret photography. Many photos are shared in private groups specially created to criticize certain behaviors.

For example, a Facebook page containing examples of airplane passengers who did something wrong has more than 516,000 “likes”.