The Jane McDonald’s Fandom

When Adele Roberts of Radio 1 revealed that the only “luxury item” she brought to Camp From I’m A Celebrity was a photo of Jane McDVOICE, it wasn’t just the other field mates who saw it.

On Monday night, when Adele proudly waved a framed photo of the former Loose Woman star, my colleagues and everyone else seemed to be celebrity fans on my social media, we searched for our cell phones and searched for “Who is she?” Jane McDonald?

I quickly realized that the singer and television personality had a commitment, some say the cult, was celebrated as an icon by the LGBT community and had hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

To learn more about Adele’s famous television star as a “national treasure,” I spoke to those of her loyal fan base. In her own words, Jane says she has been on television for a while. “”

It was filmed in the BBC documentary series The Cruise in 1998, which drew more than 10 million viewers and made Jane a celebrity for a cruise artist. Since then, she has appeared on the ITV Star Treatment Makeover program and was a laid-back woman from 2004 to 2014.

What made it so famous?

She also had a self-titled album and won a BAFTA with Jane McDonald for her Channel 5 cruise series, making her travel the world on a serious Bouji cruise series. Until now, I have discovered that Jane has been essentially famous all my life. I’m impressed.

She told Radio 1 Newsbeat that her popularity with young fans has recently increased.

I was sad for a while, which is good, but then I don’t remember what happened, he said.

“I’m so excited. I’m a little speechless.

It seems Jane was almost as confused as I was when she saw Adele hanging a printed photo of her as a shelter.

When I checked it, I almost died, he says.

Always curious about this special television personality who inspires fans of all ages to a hero cult, I asked some superfans to explain Jane’s magic. “I don’t know if you were at the party when someone put on the Jane McDonald medley,” said Mark Harrop, a 30-year-old fan.

I do not have one

“The madness comes true. It is a terrible field people who jump and shine a little and even pretend to be them.”

He says that Jane has become a gay icon and that she is having fun in a “dark world”.

She is someone you want to enjoy a bottle of wine with you can imagine that she is your mother’s girlfriend.

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