The introduction of the P.L.T Sandwiches by McDonald’s

McDonald’s Proja in the North American Vegetable Protein Flour Market is launched today in Canada.

The “P.L.T.” of the company. The Beyond Meat Patties sandwich (plant, lettuce, and tomato) is now available in various locations in Canada.

This is not the first vegetarian sandwich released this year on a “Golden Arches” site. In April, the company launched a new vegan sandwich for its customers in its franchises in Germany.

McDonald’s has been serving sporadic vegetarian and vegan sandwiches for years. Two years ago, he partnered with a Norwegian food company called Orkla to launch his McVegan burger in Finland and Sweden.

With the launch of its activities in North America, McDonald’s takes a further step toward the possible inclusion of a vegetarian sandwich option on its menu in the United States.

Introduction of the veg meals

As the world’s largest fast-food restaurant, every step by McDonald’s to introduce a vegetable protein product from Beyond Meat would give the company a significant boost.

The fact that McDonald’s has selected Beyond for its North American debut shows that the market for providers of large restaurant chains remains controversial.

In fact, large fast-food hamburger chains appear to be following a largely regional strategy among vendors, as problems in the Meatless Empanada supply chain remain worrisome.

For example, while Que Burger King uses Impossible Food Empanadas for Impossible Whopper, sources say sources may be looking for a regional provider of herbal remedies in Latin America.

And it’s recommended to note that these pilot tests do not mean by any means that fast-food chains keep herbal products on the menu. Even when Beyond Meat was very successful with its McDonald pilot at 28 locations across Canada, the company’s burgers were pulled from the locations of another major Canadian fast-food chain: Tim Hortons.