The iced coffee of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s could not be to blame.

A young man from Fargo, Indiana, shared photos and videos of a McDVOICE iced coffee on Facebook with a dead rat swimming on Thursday.

Landen Brocato said he bought a McDVOICE Frappe and pointed to “a piece of something down there.”

Brocato said he assumed it was caramel syrup and left the drink on a shelf in his room overnight.

I packed to drop it off this morning and noticed the lump was floating. Then I took a look and it was definitely this rat, “said Brocato.

He released an update talking to someone at the fast-food restaurant and getting a refund.

But how the mouse got into the drink remains a secret.

I just talked to the manager and they offered me a refund. They examine them by checking the cameras and the like and sending them to the company,” said Brocato. He and he concealed that we have no path how it got there because everything is mixed and everything (I also know how to work at DQ), but somehow it was there, but it is discovered.”

Many commenters were skeptical of his message, asking how the animal could end up in the glass without anyone going until the next morning.

As per the reports of the Valley News Live, Fargo Cass Public Health confirmed that a complaint about the incident was received on Friday.

An inspection was conducted at McDVOICE and did not appear to be “worrisome”.