The fight of the McDonald’s employee

A McDonald’s government has reportedly caught an employee playing with food prepared for a police officer.

The employee was arrested after the local sheriff’s office was informed of the incident. The suspect previously accused the local police department of excessive violence in a meeting with police in 2017.

The incident happened at a McDVOICE in Bakersfield, California, according to ABC 23. According to the report, the employee handled a policeman’s food on Tuesday. She was arrested on Saturday morning. He was booked for a food handling violation.

Restaurant management learned of the incident when they examined the images made available to authorities.

The proof

In an ABC 23 press release, the Kern County Sheriff said he had received video footage of the food handling from Tatyana Hargrove. According to the images, his actions appeared to be intentional.

Exactly what Hargrove did with the food was not disclosed, but the Bakersfield Police Department confirmed to that a BPD agent was involved in the incident.

In 2017, Hargrove sued Bakersfield City for excessive civil and civil rights violations after he was suspected of being a suspected man. ABC 23 reports that agents searching for a five-foot suspect were approaching five-foot-tall Hargrove.

Authorities denied Hargrove’s claims that the police had used excessive force instead of pretending that he was not arrested. In October, a district court ruled in favor of the arrested police officers, ABC session 23.

In a statement received from Fox News, Jim Abbate, owner of McDVOICE, said: “I want to assure our clients and law enforcement officials that the behavior of the person involved in the incident is not in accordance with my values ​​or the ones in my McDonald’s business. If we find out about this troublesome incident. We will complain to the police immediately. We are working on the investigation and we want the police to know that they are always welcome at McDVOICE. “