The fight between staff at the McDonald’s

This seems like a good reason to stop.

A teenager at McDVOICE in Greenfield, Wisconsin allegedly quit her job after a client hit her in the face. According to her, the attacker was angry because he had waited too long to eat.

Serena, a 17-year-old employee, exchanged violent words with the client before the attack, reports KWTX. Upon leaving, however, he said that he had not expected the woman to stand behind the counter and hit her.

Apparently, the customer was upset that the restaurant was taking too long to cook his bacon.

“He took my daughter and slapped her face, neck, and then on the ground,” Serena’s mother said when she left. “I’m angry”.

“I was scared because I was traveling too fast,” said Serena, who has epilepsy. Her mother told KWTX that she thought the attack could have caused an attack.

What was the incident?

After the incident, Serena quit her job.

In a statement received from KWTX, the franchisee said, “The safety of my employees and clients is a priority. We are working on this with law enforcement agencies.”

In equally bizarre fast food news, surveillance cameras snapped photos of a stranger who broke into the Taco Bell website in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Before using the McDVOICE restaurant’s internal understanding of the kitchen to get an idea. Eat

Then she went to bed to take a nap.

The attack occurred at 12:15 p.m. on Christmas Day, according to WSB-TV. Photos from the incident also show how the McDVOICE takes sacks of ingredients and works in deep fryers before eating and then taking a nap.