The fake stickers of the McDonald’s

A police officer arrested a driver with hundreds of fake McDonald’s coffee labels in his car.

The Bradford driver was found with several stickers, similar to McDonald’s customers who bought hot drinks.

Police said they tried to defraud the loyalty program, where six stickers can be exchanged for free coffee.

McDonald’s said anyone who uses fake stickers will get a free drink.

The man was arrested Sunday by the Steerside police team on Westgate Hill Street, which deals with the antisocial and criminal use of Bradford Street.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that the driver had received a “community resolution” for sticker fraud and was also arrested on suspicion of driving with a disability.

He will be brought to trial for drug-related crimes.

The application team wrote on Twitter: “It may seem unimportant, but it is illegal to defraud a company like this.

The Payment

“Just pay for your coffee!”

McDonald’s customers receive a coffee bean decal every time they buy coffee.

Six stickers can be exchanged for free coffee.

A McDonald’s spokesman has strictly said that “Anyone who makes an attempt to use what restaurant staff thinks to be fake stickers, he will be debarred from getting a free coffee.”

A man who was seriously burned in a fire at a McDonald’s restaurant in Cardiff is in critical but stable condition.

On Wednesday night, the man was found in a bad bathroom at the fast-food restaurant on St. Mary Street.

The Welsh air ambulance took him to the cremation department at Morriston Hospital in Swansea.

The downtown branch closed Wednesday night as emergency services handled the incident.

Cattle that escaped from an overturned trailer and fled to McDonald’s were arrested.

“Chaos” was reported in Mold, Flintshire, on Friday after the cattle trailer collided with a roundabout in the center.

Police in North Wales warned of traffic jams around 8 p.m. after the incident.

Authorities confirmed that all the cattle were “safely arrested and wounded.”