The Digital Incubator By The McDonald’s

The fast-food restaurant with more than 300 billion dishes has just opened a store in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. The difference is that they make digital products, not hamburgers.

The company’s technology center at 658 Market Street has already hired engineers from PayPal, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo to hire at least 20 more.

Like Starbucks and other fast food stores, the company has attempted digital payments in the US. USA McDonald’s entered World Cup fever this year with a downloadable augmented reality app that launched in its package of potato chips.

The Platform

This new digital outpost is the brain of Atif Rafiq, who came to Amazon society last fall to appeal to a younger audience with more digital knowledge. Moving to Market Street is part of a bigger trend for tech giants. Companies like Twitter, Yammer, Square and One Kings Lane have moved to this area as part of the rehabilitation efforts. Now it’s a weird mix of beggars and homeless people buried under blankets and the wealth of modern art on the tech scene.

It’s unclear what programmers will be working on, but this is clearly another indication of how technology has infused our culture with crisp fries.

However, we are still with Niantic and a spokesperson said the $ 0.15 number was wrong, possibly due to a translation error.

At $ 0.15 per visit, the math would clearly mean that the Niantic sponsorship could collect $ 75 million in revenue, while the $ 0.50 limit would collect  $ 250 million.

Given that McDonald’s of Japan has activated 3,000 stores in the country, this award would mean that the fast-food giant would spend around $ 900,000 per day in sponsoring Pokémon GO for $ 0.15 per visitor at the start of the game, Niantic would. o $ 3 million per visitor would pay $ 0.50 per day each.