The ‘Create Your Taste’ Campaign By McDonald’s

Easy operation prevailed against adaptation. McDonald’s announced that the Customize Your Taste platform in the US USA It was discontinued in favor of the simpler Signature Crafted Recipes platform, which was tested in San Diego in February. The story was first reported by Business Insider.

The CYT (Create Your Taste) platform uses kiosks where customers can choose from a variety of options, from protein to bread and toppings, to prepare a hamburger the way they want. With “exclusive handmade recipes,” customers choose one of four “flavors” (topping combinations) in addition to one of three bread and protein options (beef, grilled chicken, or buttermilk chicken creamy). The “Signature” platform was first tested in 2015 under the name “TasteCrafted”. The “exclusive recipes”, four “flavors” suggested in the test are “pico guacamole” (pico de gallo, guacamole, buttermilk, cheddar cheese, and salad), “maple-bacon-dijon” (maple-flavored bacon, Dijon Mustard, caramelized onion), white cheddar cheese and lettuce), deluxe (lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise) and “Buffalo Bacon” (blue cheese, buffalo sauce, smoked bacon with applewood, tomato, and lettuce). In San Diego and a few test markets in the Pacific Northwest, the “Exclusive Craft Recipes” platform also offers a “Signature Sriracha” combination (above) with Sriracha-flavored Big Mac sauce, spinach and white cheddar cheese, cabbage, and crispy onions and A selection of proteins. reported the test in June.

An Interesting Journey

CYT was founded in 2014 and was first implemented and refined in Australia. Arrived in China in 2015; Canada started rolling out in September 2015 and has been added across Europe. Apparently we couldn’t get it to work.

The CYT was developed under the direction of former CEO Don Thompson. In a result meeting with analysts on January 23, 2015, shortly before being replaced by current CEO Steve Easterbrook, Thompson said McDonald’s “had planned to introduce Create Your Taste in most of our restaurants by the end of this year.” That did not happen.

Thompson also said that “it has the potential to increase base sales by attracting more customers to our restaurants.” Apparently that did not happen either.

Easterbrook hosted a franchise delivery summit in April 2015 that presented ideas that could help reverse the decline in brand sales in the United States. CYT was one of these concepts, but not all franchisees were impressed with the complexity or cost of the implementation. Mark Kalinowski’s survey raised several concerns.

At first glance, sales with this new concept seem to be increasing very slowly.

“Create Your Taste was a test we use in some United States as a name for custom burgers. McDonald’s cities are currently testing a customizable hamburger rig called “Signature Craft Recipes”.

“We continue to test a more modern restaurant experience in certain US markets. With kiosks where customers can choose their pieces of bread, proteins, and ingredients according to the Signature Crafted concept and enjoy table service.  We are eager to use their feedback on our journey to bring a new level of comfort and excitement to the hotel. McDonald’s Restaurant Experience.