The controversy at the McDonald’s in Kansas

According to the police, a police officer received an offensive message with a McDVOICE coffee.

A Kansas police chief displayed a picture of the coffee mug with a vulgar message on the receipt.

He said they gave it to one of his policemen who ordered the drink.

One photo showed the receipt on the side of the glass labeled “F —– g Schwein”.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning at a McDonald’s in Junction City, Kansas, KWCH reported. The anonymous employee stopped at the restaurant for coffee.

Brian Hornaday, Herington Police Chief, shared an unedited version of the photo on Facebook with the caption: “You paid for it. Although I understand that it is probably an act of someone and not a representation of the company when the company offered you” free lunch. “No thanks. A Big Mac and big chips don’t make up for it. The American veteran who continues to serve deserves so much more. Not only is he bad for McDVOICE. He is also a black eye for Junction City.”

In a Fox News statement, Dana Cook, owner/operator of McDonald’s, said: “McDonald’s is a strong advocate for our police, military, and first responders. In fact, I have several family members who are police officers who are currently completing the complaints. ”

The Geary County Sheriff’s Department posted on its Facebook page: “We, humanity as a whole, judge quickly and move faster. We don’t know the whole story and we are saddened by the Geary County Sheriff’s Office believing that this is an isolated case and is based on McDVOICE management to get to the bottom of the situation. We do not believe that the actions of an individual represent the situation and the feeling of our community in general “. A Community We Are Proud Of Can Serve Yourself As a sign of trust in our community, the Sheriff and part of his command team will visit you for a cup of coffee on Monday morning. “”