The Cleaning Fluid In Latte By McDonald’s

A pregnant woman in Canada had a stomach ache on Sunday morning when she was given a latte filled with detergent.

Sarah Douglas from Lethbridge, Alberta, was on her way to her son’s baseball tournament when she traveled to McDonald’s to tell the tale.

Only when he left did he suspect something was wrong, he told Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

I had to begin and terminate the emergency lights, spit them out and clean my mouth with water, Douglas said. I opened the main lid of the coffee and kept out that pungent chemical smell. It wasn’t coffee with milk.

Douglas, who is seven months pregnant with her third child, said the liquid in her glass was yellowish-brown.

The Proof

When he returned to the restaurant to complain, an employee informed him that two milk cleaning lines were connected to the coffee machine, according to Globe and Mail.

The director showed Douglas the bottle of cleaning fluid so he would know what to say about poison control.

Thus, I took a picture of the same and made sure that I can provide the proof whenever asked. She told Lethbridge News Now: “And I was a little nervous because it would happen again.”

Douglas contacted the Health Association of Alberta Health Services and was transferred to poison control.

It turned out to be good since the liquid had not been swallowed. He visited the family doctor to make sure there were no lasting effects, according to the CBC. Despite the fact that Douglas survived the broth intact, he still eats it, mainly because he fears that the cleaning liquid will enter into juice, soda or ice and will be absorbed by children.

Consumer safety is one of the primary things for me. I can’t compromise with the same at any cost she told Lethbridge News Now.