The change in the recipe of the McDonald’s burger

McDonald’s says it wants bread.

The fast-food chain says it will bake its hamburger buns for another 5 seconds. It will also change the way you broil and broil meat patties, making it juicier, even if not discussed in more detail.

“These are the little things that make a big difference to our customers,” CEO Steve Easterbrook said during a conference call Wednesday morning.

Easterbrook, which is taking a new strategic direction for the company in the face of declining sales, says McDonald’s “strives to offer the hottest and tastiest menu items.”

McDVOICE had toasted its bread before, but when the chain rapidly developed in the 1990s, it stopped practicing and started using microwave burgers, according to Buzzfeed. The result was a tough burger that caused operator and customer complaints.

But does toast help McDVOICE Mojo find it?

Easterbrook believes and has devised a plan to reverse “poor food quality and customer service” through measures such as reducing the menu, improving restaurant speed, and driving. and emphasize the role of franchisees in business.

Fortune notes, however, that McDVOICE is slow to keep pace with the changing tastes of customers looking for healthier food options and the ability to personalize their food.

This week, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have joined a growing list of fast-food chains that will replace additives and preservatives with all-natural foods by the end of this year. Although McDonald’s has urged its chicken suppliers to use fewer antibiotics, it has not announced plans to remove artificial ingredients from its menus.