The camera caught people stealing food at the McDonald’s

New York Police are searching for serious demons in sugar.

Security cameras recently captured several young suspects who broke a McDVOICE in Brooklyn while it was closed. The unidentified suspects allegedly stole a variety of sugary drinks, including soft drinks, smoothies, and chocolate milk, as well as parfaits.

Photos of the incident were released Wednesday on Christmas Day, reports the New York Post. The suspects allegedly entered the restaurant through an open door. After unsuccessfully trying to open a recording, they went for a drink.

The Findings

The New York Police Service 78 posted the security footage on their Twitter account, titled “The New York Police Service is asking the public to help identify those who have been exposed in a seized attack.” Out of 78 districts, security guards are security officers wanted for the surveys. ”

This is not the only McDVOICE incident in which police recently searched for suspects.

A teenager at McDVOICE in Greenfield, Wisconsin reportedly quit her job after a client hit her in the face. According to her, the attacker was angry because he had waited too long to eat.

The 17-year-old employee named Serena exchanged violent words with the client before the attack, reports KWTX. Upon leaving, however, he said that he had not expected the woman to stand behind the counter and hit her.

Apparently, the customer was upset that the restaurant was taking too long to cook his bacon.

“He took my daughter and slapped her face, neck, and then on the ground,” Serena’s mother said when she left. “I’m angry”.

“I was scared because I was traveling too fast,” said Serena, who has epilepsy.

Her mother told KWTX that she thought the attack could have caused an attack.

After the incident, Serena quit her job. Authorities are trying to identify the attacker.