The brutal fight at the McDonald’s

The McDonald’s employee, who was filmed when he attacked an unstable customer, threw him so violently that his chest fell off his shirt and said that the little boxer had “talked a lot” before leaving. brutal blow

Erika Chavolla of Las Vegas said in a Facebook interview on Thursday that she was still employed at McDVOICE, where she had a relentless fight with Sabrina Fontelar, which was captured on video.

“It was crazy,” Chavolla said of the incident and its viral consequences. “He went everywhere.”

The fight

Chavolla said he still had a cut on his hand after hitting Fontelar “in the teeth” in a close fight when Fontelar shook Chavolla, who shot a much smaller woman. Fontelar tried to stop Chavolla with a metal tray, but the McDVOICE employee quickly overpowered her before hitting her. Chavolla then played Fontellar in a nearby booth before parting ways, as the video shows.

“You know, he’s going crazy,” Chavolla said of the meeting. Only people think because you work, you should you know, I kept it she talked a lot for a long time.

Chavolla said he had no intention of hitting Fontelar, who claims on social media that he was accused of fighting the battery.

I didn’t even want to hit her, but I understand that she’s a big girl who is approaching you, he said. “You panic and panic.”

Chavolla’s friend, who appeared in the video to reassure her, tried to explain why he did not intervene.

“I didn’t try to stop him,” he said. “You don’t arrest such a fat woman.”

Messages seeking comment from Las Vegas police were not immediately returned Friday morning.

Fontelar said on Instagram that the fight started after McDVOICE employees “refused to receive money” after asking for a free glass of water. A witness said the fight stopped after Chavolla said Fontelar, who identified himself as a “stripper” on social media earlier this month, was unable to pay for the soft drinks.