Stroopwafel McFlurries at McDonald’s

Forget the fries, does anyone want a McDVOICE stroopwafel?

The American fast-food giant will soon expand its regular menu with international flavors. Starting June 5, participating US partners will offer a selection from the Netherlands and Spain with Stroopwafel McFlurrys and Grand McExtreme Bacon Burgers.

Dutch McFlurry offers a creamy slice of vanilla, a caramel strudel among Daelmans Stroopwafel’s minced waffle cookies. The McExtreme burger is a kilo of meat with smoked bacon, sauce, gouda, and onion in a not so Spanish sesame bun.

Tomato, mozzarella, and chicken sandwiches, a Canadian specialty, and bacon fries, which seem popular with Australians, cross the golden arches of the United States.

These global favorites have been available at McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop district since last year. But they will be the first in 47 other states (Alaska and Hawaii have not yet joined the party).

Some other delicious dishes

McAloo Tikkis, which is served at McDVOICE in India, is not yet available in the United States. Elegant potatoes from France and halloumi muffins from Arabia.

People can certainly retire from old age, but this woman is left with the cake. Or should I say Big Mac?

A 92-year-old McDonald’s employee was recently described as one of the oldest McDonald’s employees.

Goh Gwek Eng works at a McDVOICE store in Singapore. Eng has 10 children and 20 grandchildren and says he was very relaxed after leaving home to be home.

Eng said he plans to work at McDonald’s while in good health. (Studies show that retirees are generally healthier and happier.) Your only complaint? Sometimes it can get a little warm when you stand next to the fryer.