Some great McDonald’s meals served all over the world

Complete books have been written on the global phenomenon of McDonald’s. McDonald’s, one of the most famous chains in the world, is a global force in the fast-food industry and does not always show signs of slowing down. His popularity was not affected by lawsuits and disclosures, evidence of his brand’s dubious but valid magnetism.
Although we don’t want to admit it, many of us feel a little uncomfortable seeing McDonald’s journey in a foreign country. The idea that a double-decker cheesecake isn’t that far away, even thousands of miles from home, can be reassuring. However, McDonald’s is expected to offer menus tailored to the home country abroad. These McDonald’s overseas menus contain combinations that may seem surprising but are useful for the demographics of a particular location.

To better understand what can be found, we have scanned various menus around the world to find some of McDonald’s most exclusive offerings. For example, in India (where cows are generally sacred), the two beef patties usually found on a Big Mac have been replaced by two chicken patties to make the Maharaja Mac. You can order a McBaguette in France. It comes with a variety of different options, like fried chicken or meat with classic French bread.

But classic McDonald’s lovers don’t have to worry: no matter where you go, any McDonald’s combination can be ordered with a selection of chips and cola. The differences around the world surprised us. Then check out our slide show to see how menus change in different countries!

McDonald’s has established itself all over the world. Its great quality of dishes and the great services have assured that they are the first choice of people when it comes to enjoying the delicious food.