Revolution By The McDonald’s Staff?

Thanks to the quick thinking of the McDonald’s team, a woman managed to escape a serious situation on Christmas Eve.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff released a report on the dramatic incident on Friday, detailing how the woman alerted McDonald’s employees in Lodi, California, that she needed help after the man. who he was traveling with would have threatened his life. Shortly after 2 p.m., the woman entered the McDonald’s restaurant and asked an employee to call 911, police said. He also provided the license plate of the car he was traveling in and asked him to hide it.

“After using the bathroom, the woman tried to place an order at the counter, but suspect Eduardo Valenzuela was nearby and asked her to use public transportation,” wrote the San Joaquin County Sheriff. for a Facebook post. When the woman got into the car, she said “help me” to an employee. An unidentified McDonald’s employee informed CBS13 that the restaurant manager had ordered employees to stop the transmission line so that the police had time to arrive.

“It was a fight or a robbery,” said the McDonald’s employee.

A Great Initiative!

The restaurant participates in the Safe Place initiative, which trains employees in some places to help vulnerable people who need immediate help and safety.

“They just took over and they didn’t hesitate,” the McDonald’s employee added to her team.

When the MPs arrived, they ordered the victim to drive and stop. Valenzuela was sitting in the passenger seat.

The woman told police that Valenzuela had been violent against her in the past and ordered her to take her with her family on Christmas Eve. He said that he threatened his life and was using a weapon.

There was a stolen weapon in the trunk of the vehicle.

Valenzuela is accused of having made criminal threats, possessing stolen property, and being an armed criminal.