Removal of the artificial preservatives by the McDonald’s

McDonald’s plans to stop using certain artificial preservatives in its most popular menu items.

The change announced Monday includes Chicken McNuggets and other foods that no longer contain artificial preservatives. The company will also cut the high-fructose corn syrup from its hamburger buns.

McDonald’s began testing preservative-free Chicken McNuggets in April to revitalize its business and keep pace with changing consumer tastes. In May, McDonald’s also tried empanadas with fresh burgers instead of frozen ones.

Some Major Changes In The Menu

McDonald’s made more changes to menu items last year. In August last year, the company announced that McMuffins would be made from real butter instead of liquid margarine. In October, the fast-food chain started breakfast all day and announced in September that it would switch to uncaged chicken eggs for the next decade.

Other fast-food chains like Dunkin ‘Donuts and Taco Bell have also changed their menu items to add more natural ingredients, reports the Associated Press. McDonald’s apologized after a Canadian said he received a cleaning solution instead of a latte from an Alberta fast food stall.

According to the Globe and Mail, Sarah Douglas, an Alberta woman who was pregnant with her third child, ordered while on a trip to McDonald’s, but after a sip, she discovered that something was wrong. Later, when he returned to the restaurant to complain, an employee reported that the milk cleaning lines were connected to the coffee machine.

As a mother, I want to be sure that we possess a voice that is audible about consumer safety and how (allegedly) ignorance can affect people so dramatically, she said. Douglas has since contacted the Alberta Health Services Poison Information Center. A spokesman made a statement on behalf of McDonald’s franchisee Dan Brown.