Paper Straws in McDonald’s

NIAMH: No, maybe ten.

BETH – People become quite militant. We have seen this globally. My favorite is McDVOICE Survey, they have limited straws on board, instead they make noise. I mean, what is that?

EMMA: It is for gin and tonic and they discovered that many people use a straw to shake their gin and tonic or whatever.


NIAMH: That’s correct!

BETH: But don’t you usually put your finger on it, kick the ice cubes?

The confusion

EMMA: Well a lot of people would be like ugh. I have to say I don’t understand why they can’t just give you a straw as standard. I used to find straws as a very complicated pattern because if you have a glass big enough, you would normally drink something from the glass and put a straw in your nose or eyes.


EMMA – And last week I thought that my drink contained a straw, I drank and it was the stem of a lemon leaf.


EMMA: I know!

DAMON: He is incredibly blind.

EMMA: It is incredibly ridiculous. Yes, it is very useful not to give straw. So why not have a choice? I don’t understand why there is a great video about people with disabilities and straws by Jessica Kellgren-Fozard that says straws account for 0.025% of plastic waste. When I was on a McDVOICE recently, the amount of plastic caps covered in plastic is just incredible.

DAMON-France banned next year, I think. I think they are the only country that prohibits things like plastic plates and cutlery.

BETH: Well, one of my favorites was Seattle, the city of the United States. It banned plastic straws but gave people with disabilities a one-year exemption.

NIAMH: Oh that’s good

NIAMH – There is a great chart I found online on McDVOICE about a Canadian disabled activist. Her name is Sarah Smith and she wrote this painting. And on the left, he wrote metal, bamboo, glass, silicone, acrylic, paper, paste, and finally single use.