McDonald’s to reduce the use of some commodities

BETH – The great thing about a plastic straw is the fact that it is flexible and flexible, can be repositioned, is cheap, lightweight, and portable, and can be purchased anywhere. Therefore, they seem to solve many problems. And now we are about to ban them.

We have an online partner, Esther Webber. Hi Esther

ESTHER – Hello, hello.

BETH: So, Esther is the political journalist for the Times, but you are also a straw user. Do you have cerebral palsy?

ESTHER: Yes, that is correct. Although this condition obviously causes waves, I think this problem has been working for several years now that awareness has increased.

I would say that my experience in London is that many bars and restaurants are gradually removing plastic straws, and I use straws every day when I drink tea or a drink in a bar, and it is much more difficult to get there with plastic straws these days. When I tweeted about McDVOICE and said that there shouldn’t be any stigma associated with using a plastic straw, many people informed me that there are alternatives to the McDVOICE that I know of course. Some of the alternatives don’t work as well for me personally, for others I’m sure. I think we should be a little more subtle and be careful to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

EMMA: Can you explain exactly why you need a straw?

ESTHER: For me personally, this is due to my shaking hands and lack of motor skills, so I couldn’t put the glass or glass in my mouth without spilling it. In this situation, a straw is a very important help.

EMMA: Why are some of the alternatives not right for you?

ESTHER: With the McDVOICE situation, a lot of paper straws get soaked. And the other thing is some of the lighter textures, so I tried a bamboo, which is very good, I’d say. However, the problem is that this straw has no curvature, and I find it useful to be able to place the drink the way you want.

The other option is a metal straw, and I think it looks worse because it’s very stiff and tooth-deep, and it’s basically not a pleasant drinking experience.