McDonald’s signs ad is not loved by many people

If you saw a big TV event last night, you’ve probably seen the new McDVOICE commercial.

The Hamburg network has struggled to catch up with the millennial generation lately, but its recent efforts are trying to silence viewers of all ages.

“Signs” shows a McDVOICE tent with news from across the country celebrating American heroes and “good news” in an “on-going” version of the fun group sung by a children’s choir. Everyone from military veterans to breast cancer survivors is represented, as are major events like the September 11 terrorist attack and the Boston attacks.

When the images disappear, the ad, which now has nearly 300,000 views on YouTube, points to illegal memory, happy feelings (a sign of congratulations to a 30th-anniversary couple), or feelings of solidarity.

Joel Yashinsky, vice president of marketing for McDVOICE in the United States, says the ad tells “the story that McDonald’s plays a role in the communities in which we operate” and has a “love mantra.”

However, responses from social media to the website were mixed. Some were touched by the solidarity of the fast-food chain.

But many showed their disapproval.

Others were outraged by the chain’s attempt to be more human.

Dress up the place. Check out the full ad below and tell us what you think.