McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

Green is the reason for the season.

Every spring McDonald’s brings it is a light green smoothie to the market to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The seasonal product is one of the restaurant’s most emblematic offerings, although it is not always available. To celebrate Shamrock Shake’s 50th anniversary, McDonald’s released a press release on the history of the drink.

Shamrock Shake Turning 50

“We have been serving the legendary shamrock shake for 50 years and have been synonymous with McDonald’s ever since,” said Linda VanGosen, vice president of menu innovation at McDonald’s. According to the press release, the company’s green dessert was created in 1967 by a Connecticut owner, McDonald’s. Shamrock Shake made its national debut in 1970 and McDonald’s said it was “an instant hit.”

Every year, customers eagerly wait to enjoy this shake. In the past five decades, taking a sip of this green legend has become a seasonal tradition for many,” said Mike Bullington, McDonald’s archivist. The outstanding history of smoothie and the most famous passion for this menu item has made Shamrock Shake one of the most famous cultural icons. We are excited to have dedicated Shamrock fans and look forward to the legacy of this legendary gift. The first Ronald McDonald House opened in Philadelphia with clover shake sales in 1974 after the company joined the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital and Philadelphia Eagles for years to come.

According to McDonald’s, the “World’s Greatest Clover Shake” was made in 2010 and was 24 feet tall. He was dumped into the Chicago River after making a $ 10,000 donation of a Ronald McDonald house in the Chicago area.