McDonald’s serving the chicken nuggets in an innovative way

Vegetarian customers of McDonald’s in the UK reported finding chicken nuggets in meatless foods.

The fast-food chain launched its spicy vegetarian packaging in early January, but restaurant staff seems to be struggling with the recipe.

The main ingredient is said to be a red vegetarian pesto – customers received chicken nuggets.

This happened across the UK.

Twitter users in Liverpool, Birmingham, Kent, Lincoln, Yorkshire, Elgin, London, and Bristol shared their experiences.

Were the customers happy?

Vegetarians only found chicken nuggets in their vegetarian packaging this week, despite reporting the bug in January to McDonald’s on Twitter. Rebecca Butcher, 21, a social media manager at YouTuber and Yorkshire, said she was aware of the problem before buying a vegetarian pack on January 22. He says he had chicken.

“I wanted to wait a bit because I saw people eating chicken in their vegetable containers,” says Becca Newsbeat.

I gave him some more time to stop this from happening to me. I was a little surprised that they were wrong again weeks later.

“I felt a little disgusted.”

McDonald’s apologized to customers who found meat in their meals. “We are disappointed”

We have a wide range of methods to make sure that the inaccurate orders are avoided, he said.

After realizing that mistakes had been made, we carried out a number of additional measures in our kitchen and reached out to all stores to reduce inaccuracies quickly and effectively.

“We are disappointed that they still make mistakes. We never want to disappoint customers and inaccuracies are not enough.” Becca has been a vegetarian for a year and says she gave up meat because she was underweight due to her aversion to eating animals and she was underweight.

He says it is no surprise for vegetarians to find meat in their food.

As a vegetarian or vegan, you always have to make sure where the food is bought from and who makes it if it’s good.