McDonald’s rapid actions against the Corona Virus

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is said to be the youngest American company to take drastic action to curb the coronavirus epidemic, according to a report.

American restaurant canteens are closing, and the company, which owns about 5% of the approximately 14,000 restaurants in the United States, is asking American franchisees to close their facility cafes.

“The franchisee’s leadership fully supports the decision to adhere to the social replacement guidelines and ensure that there are no large customer groups in our restaurants,” said Mark Salebra, president of the McDonald’s National Franchise Leadership Alliance. In a press release, at least eight states have asked all bars and restaurants to close at least part of the day.

There is already concern that these closings could lead to a recession.

The need for an hour

About 82 million people, three-fifths of the American workforce, work hourly. Many of them are not paid when they are not working. For those who fall into a category, including restaurant, hotel, amusement park, and casino staff, Wells Fargo says only a third have access to paid disease. Most people with the disease have relatively mild symptoms, but it can be fatal for some, especially the elderly and people with underlying health problems. Most people infected with the virus recover within a few weeks.

The number of infections in the United States has reached approximately 4,300, with at least 78 deaths, two-thirds of them in Washington state, where many nursing home residents in the Seattle suburbs became infected. through the virus. The epidemic has left more than 180,000 people sick and more than 7,100 dead worldwide.