McDonald’s one-handed meal hack

Australian McDonald’s wants everyone to participate in its latest hack, but only one.

The fast-food chain shared a four-step guide with helpful arrows on how to eat a whole burger with one hand, and it went viral on social media. The brand’s self-proclaimed “food trick” initially includes buying a drink, fries, and one of several burgers that the fast-food chain sells in a box. The customer is asked to precariously balance the open box on the drink. The third step is to throw the entire chip box on the empty side of the open box. And finally, the fourth step invites you to sit and admire your work.

The diagram does not explain where a pile of dipping sauce would be placed. Nor is it mentioned that the tip of one hand always includes two hands: one to hold the drink and the other to eat.

Following the process

However, make sure the four-step process doesn’t include a hammer, screw, or Allen wrench, as McDonald’s shows on the side. However, this only works if you have a solid straw, an instrument the chain has worked with and replaced with paper straws, which many call “wet.”

With or without the controversial controversy, Instagram doesn’t seem to like the “eat on the go” option.

“Imagine you are so lazy,” wrote one person.

“My burger fell to the ground it fucks you,” wrote another who claimed to have tried the trick.

“Mine fell. No, you have to buy a new one,” wrote another Instagram user.

“If you lift the burger, the fries will fall to the floor,” said another suspicious tester, throwing an Allen key at the chain’s promise that it could be eaten on the go.

It is not the first time that a unique realignment of McDonald’s exclusive packaging has gone viral. Some time ago, the Twitter user became more popular because he claimed to have discovered the famous “purpose” of the McDonald’s toaster box.

In a tweet, the user suggested folding the box and using it as a platform to serve ketchup. However, the smart trick was hotly debated by social media experts.