McDonald’s machete attack consequences

A man has been detained for 12 years for attacking a man with a machete in front of a McDVOICE branch.

Daouda Sy, 21, was on top of Spice when she led the random attack in downtown Sheffield, the Office of the Attorney General (CPS) said.

Sy yelled that the 47-year-old victim “didn’t believe in God” before hitting him on the head with the curved 46 cm blade.

He was arrested at Sheffield Crown Court after deliberately admitting injuries.

Sy from Wensley Street in Sheffield also pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon during the Jan. 31 incident on the city’s main street.

The Victim

CPA said the victim, who was bleeding from a head injury, fell on a branch near McDonald’s that he feared for his life.

Sy followed him and shouted again, “If you don’t believe in God, I’ll kill them all.”

Branch customers and employees believe they witnessed a terrorist attack, CPS said. A witness said they thought they would die in a massacre. CPS’s Jonathan Sharp said: “Daouda Sy was a regular user of the drug Spice Street and was aware of the effects on him. As early as March 2018, he had been accused of having thrown an ax under his influence.”

It was a completely unexpected and malicious attack, and it was only with a fair bit of luck that the results were not even more severe.

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