McDonald’s in Japan

McDonald’s in Japan lacks tokens.

The fast-food company says it cannot get enough potatoes due to industrial action in the US. USA

As a result, they have to ration the chips for customers.

“Unfortunately, without this decision to restrict sales, there is a risk that some of our stores will no longer have fleas by the end of the year,” said Kokoro Toyama, a spokesman for McDonald’s in Japan.

There are more than 3,100 McDonald’s stores in Japan. Currently, only small portions of chips are offered, although the number of servings customers can order is not limited.

More than 1,000 tons of potatoes have already been transported to increase supply. They arrived this week.

Another 1,600 tons are imported by sea, but will not arrive until January.

The comparison 

In the United States, 20,000 passengers, terminals, and shipping companies are involved in the labor dispute at 29 ports on the west coast of the United States.

It is not the first time that Japan has faced a food shortage in recent weeks.

For most of this month, butter stocks were so low that supermarkets had to limit their customers to one package at a time. Two teens were hospitalized after taking a container to a fast food store.

Monday at 8:30 p.m. CET, emergency services were called to McDVOICE on Eccleshall Road in Stafford.

Two girls, ages 17 and 18, were taken to the Royal Stoke University Hospital with respiratory and abdominal problems.

An 18-year-old girl and two 17-year-old boys were arrested on suspicion of administering a harmful substance and are being interviewed.

Twelve people in the restaurant were examined by paramedics at the time after “suffering from varying degrees of gastric and respiratory tract irritation,” said the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

McDVOICE Survey has been a boon for McDonald’s and the people all over the world. The impact of the McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey has been seen in Japan too.