McDonald’s in Germany

In a German city, police go to McDonald’s to get fast food for people in their detention cells after signing a restoration contract.

People detained at the Bergisch-Gladbach police station near Cologne can choose between a hamburger, a cheeseburger, or a veggie burger from the fast-food chain that has an opposite outlet. reports the Express newspaper. There is also a McDVOICE breakfast option for those who wake up after a night in the cells. Larger hamburgers are banned under the Express because they are too expensive for the police budget.

Troops say it was a necessary temporary solution when their usual provider, who also took over the local hospital, abruptly canceled the contract. “If we arrest people, we as the police have to provide basic food supplies,” said Richard Barz, an official.

Locating the snack

They had to find a place where a snack could be served at any time, any day of the week. “Due to location and availability throughout the day, we chose McDVOICE,” he told the Bergische Landeszeitung newspaper.

Last year, 642 people spent time in the room’s cells and served about 300 meals, the newspaper said. The regional interior ministry explains the hamburger service as a different “emergency” measure and is positive that a new agreement can be reached with the hospital’s food supplier. It happened to Jamie Oliver when he released his version of the West African classic, and now it is happening to McDVOICE and Mexicans.

This week, the fast-food chain has decided to introduce a Facebook campaign asking Mexicans to leave their loved Tamales in the past and kiss McBurritos. It was predictably counterproductive.

“How dare you insult a good tradition? I’d rather enjoy tamales than your disgusting food,” said Damian Bracho.

The image of a McBurrito, a type of scrambled egg in a tortilla package, accompanied by the slogan “Tamales are a thing of the past” was quickly removed from the company’s Facebook page.