McDonald’s In Austria

American citizens who need help in Austria can now go to the nearest McDonald’s store under a contract signed by the fast-food giant.

The embassy says that any American who is “in trouble” or whose passport is lost or stolen can get help at one of 194 McDonald’s stores in Austria.

The restaurant staff was responsible for helping American citizens communicate with the American embassy.

A 24-hour hotline at the embassy is part of the agreement.

The embassy said it would ensure that American citizens have every opportunity to contact them when necessary, “the primary task of all embassies in the world.”

The Conversation

McDonald’s said it saw itself as a kind of telephone exchange and support and accepted the idea at the request of the United States Ambassador, Trevor Traina.

A spokesperson told the BBC that it would also help those in need, such as the police or the emergency services. “”

Last week, Traina signed an agreement with Isabelle Kuster, the company’s CEO in Austria.

The company said its offices would remain on Austrian territory and would help all those in need, not just Americans.

Not everyone was impressed with the announcement on social media:

A Facebook user wondered if the idea was “because we seem too incompetent to search the United States Embassy online.”

Another joked: “A McPassport to go, please”

Another inquired that was it a busy message?

The embassy “certainly did not respond,” adding that the embassy had a full team and that the association was “just an additional opportunity for Americans to contact the embassy.

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