McDonald’s impose heavy fine for throwing garbage on its premises

A man has to pay over £ 800 after ignoring a parking ticket at McDonald’s in Carmarthenshire.

Council officials said they saw the 43-year-old Newport boy dump trash from his car at the Manos Cruzada fast-food restaurant.

He was first fined £ 75.

But the Carmarthenshire Council said he had not paid and that the judges are now fining him £ 350 and £ 474.71.

The attorney who filed the charges said he hoped this was a warning to others.

He said environmental authorities saw the man sitting in a car, opening a door and throwing McDVOICE “wrappers and wrappers” on the floor.

The agency recently launched a national campaign with McDVOICE support to encourage people to dispose of their waste responsibly. Councilman Philip Hughes said: “We work closely with McDVOICE and other fast-food restaurants and we would like to thank you for supporting our campaign.

The council is firm to clean up the county and prosecute violators, but we cannot do it all alone.

The case was also well received by the fast-food chain.

Marcus Crossman, a spokesman for McDonald’s Wales, said: “We share the frustrations of the vast majority of our customers who are proud of their local community and want the trash to end up on the streets and in the parks.”

For this purpose, we send out garbage patrols every day to make sure that the local areas clean and orderly and to support a number of initiatives in Carmarthenshire.