McDonald’s Hold High Hopes With Toasted Buns

In the dangerous jungle, the world of fast food, McDonald’s has long been king, with reach and influence that surpasses even the strongest rivals. But this lion, this silver gorilla, gets hurt and loses blood quickly – sales and profits have slowed as consumers migrate to other restaurant chains that are considered more exciting (Taco Bell), healthier (Panera), or both. (Chipotle).

But McDonald’s will not fall without a fight. The company hired a new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, earlier this year, and went out of his way to assure investors that it was ready to do anything to change the chain. His first announcements were not very promising; They were in the technical jargon of the company structure for a long time and shortly before any concrete changes were made in the restaurants themselves.

This week, however, Easterbrook announced his ideas for optimizing the McDonald’s menu at the Bernstein Strategic Decision Conference in New York.

How will these buns help them?

More importantly, Easterbrook said McDonald’s will soon start serving its burger buns more than it currently does (which may not belong after the bread’s taste and texture) as McDonald’s chefs will soon start how to make burgers differently and grill them. These two changes are said to result in “hotter, tastier foods.”

McDonald’s is one of many restaurant chains that have raised hopes of a change in sandwich bread in recent years, which industry experts call “meat promoters” inside. A few weeks ago, Chile announced that there are new hamburger buns that are washed with eggs to be Instagram compatible, and Wendy’s has been experimenting with types of pretzel bread forks for years to stimulate the emotions of “artisan flatbreads.

The industry enthusiasm for these ingredients is likely due to the success that Taco Bell has achieved with its Locos Taco Doritos. The product is exactly the same as the traditional taco bell if the omelet does not count. However, lightly heated bread is a far less drastic change than a Doritos-flavored taco bowl, and it remains to be seen whether it will be radical enough for McDonald’s to reverse its catastrophic sales trends.