McDonald’s Happy Meals

Less than a week after McDonald’s noticed that activity trackers like Happy Meal’s “toys” were being sold in the United States and Canada, it removed the jewelry for fear of skin irritation.

Happy Meal is an incredible effort by the McDonald’s. Activity Group at our restaurants in our US and Canadian markets,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said in a statement to HuffPost. We have made sure that there is no side effect of these meals and also they are great in the taste. We really hope that people love our effort.

What were the outcomes of this movement?

Further away! The activity band is a Fitbit-type device that counts a user’s “steps” based on their total movement. A McDonald’s toy ad showed children carrying, jumping and running to collect “steps” while skipping a meal that usually contains hamburgers and fries. Regardless of whether they come from a good meal or not, fitness trackers can be the helpful motivation for some children if they help with the help of their parents, Dr. Zooey Goore, President of the American Section. Academy of Pediatrics. at KQED. So far, little research has been done on kids and physical activity trackers, but preliminary studies look promising, according to Fox News Reports.

The Happy Meal movement appeared to be yet another McDonald’s attempt to look healthier by selling a plethora of high-quality, high-calorie foods. In recent months, the company has announced that it will no longer provide human antibiotics to chickens. Public health experts welcomed this as an important start to the goal of eliminating all antibiotics and leaving corn syrup in their pieces of bread. Unfortunately, corn syrup is replaced with regular sugar, which means that some measure has virtually no benefit.

A happy McDonald’s meal is far from the healthiest option you or your children can do while eating, but combining activity tracking seems like the best thing McDonald’s could do besides serving or stopping eating. Healthier Selling to children, of course.