McDonald’s first vegan meals in the UK

Warning, Big Mac: McDonald’s first vegan meal will be on the UK menu in early 2020.

On January 2, Mickey D’s presents his first vegan meal across the lake with the introduction of Veggie Dippers. The breaded canapes are stuffed with red pepper, sun-dried tomato pesto, peas, and rice, and are commercially available for around $ 4.30, Delish reports. Hungry customers can add chips (which look like a vegan in the UK) to their food, while teens can also enjoy vegetarian sauces in their Happy Meal order.

Last year, McDonald’s menus in the UK launched Spicy Veggie One-Wrap with red peppers and pesto (fried strips) as a vegetarian option, and the product was a hit. However, the dish was not as vegan as Metro sachets to avoid contamination of dairy products.
This time, however, the situation is different, as the new vegetable sauces do not come into contact with milk ingredients during preparation, a McDonald’s employee confirmed.

“Vegetarian sauces are the same as Spicy Veggie One, but are designed to prevent contamination of milk components, making this product completely vegan,” the spokesperson told Delish. In the last 1 year, customers who ordered vegetarian food from McDonald’s have grown 80%, so it is time for the famous McNugget brand to supply an immersion option for our vegetarian, vegan and flexible customers,” said O ‘ Neill: “Vegetarian sauces are one. We can’t wait to see what customers will do with our lovely first vegan meal on New Year’s Day.”

Rise of the McDonald’s

The chain also tested the Beyond Meat Burger option in Canada earlier this year. Although McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food chain with more than 60,000 restaurants, CEO Steve Easterbrook admitted earlier this year that the company is “paying close attention” to competitors who are experiencing more and more food. vegetarian and vegan.

These include burger restaurants like Carl’s Jr, which brought a Beyond Burger vegetarian menu to the menu this year, and White Castle, which introduced the Impossible Burger Slider 2018. Taco Bell announced a fully vegetarian menu that launched this year. Del Taco announced a Taco Beyond Meat and Chipotle developed two new herbal “lifestyle bowls”.

According to Nielsen’s market research, sales of vegetable meat substitutes increased by 23% between 2017 and 2018 to more than $ 683 million.