McDonald’s expanding the liberty stadium

Swansea Mayor Huw Jenkins said the decision to allow a new fast-food restaurant near Liberty Stadium threatens plans to expand the property.

Consultants gave their building permits for a new McDVOICE.

Jenkins accused her of “myopia” after ignoring the stadium director’s objections.

Ron Mounsey, a McDVOICE franchisee in Swansea, said the place had been empty for more than five years and that the restaurant would create 75 new jobs.

The Swansea Board has stated that it belongs to the individual members of the planning committee.

In a meeting this week, the city council approved a chain order for a waterfront restaurant near the ground under certain conditions.

The location already had planning permission for two restaurants.

Liberty Stadium Management Company, which operates the stadium and has representatives from the soccer club, the Ospreys regional rugby team, and the city council, rejected the proposal. Council planners recommended that this be rejected.

In a statement given on the Premier League club’s website, Jenkins said: The club’s board of directors was extremely surprised and disappointed by the short-sightedness of the decision.

A local official of the McDVOICE was aware of our issues and objections to a fast-food walk around the stadium, and it remains to be seen whether the result will have a negative impact on the subsequent expansion plans we have.” He said the club wanted to improve Liberty’s ability to accommodate the “thousands of fans” who couldn’t get tickets.

He also said: Swansea as a city has made many short-term decisions over the years.

The Golden Opportunities

Once again, the vision of creating a handful of opportunities is more vital than the progress of Liberty Stadium and the overall development of the city that Premier League football can promote and promote.”

The city council has been roaring from the rooftops ever since the city of Swansea was brought to the Premier League for making tremendous economic and tourist benefits to the city. However, you make a decision that goes against everything. What they preached is confusing.

However, Mounsey said he was happy to have received a building permit, as this would help the site regenerate.

As a local businessman who has resided in Wales for over 25 years, I already employ more than 450 people in Swansea. This new restaurant will create 75 more jobs to help those who are having difficulty finding a job. Employment.” added.