McDonald’s Delivery App In India

According to a security company, the McDonald’s delivery app in India has provided personal information to 2.2 million users.

A poorly configured server allowed everyone to access usernames, emails, addresses and phone numbers, Fallible said.

Sending a simple request to the server provided a lot of information about the users, he said.

McDonald’s India said it had repaired the app and asked users to install the updated version.

The Consequences

The McDelivery app is managed by Westlife Development, which monitors McDonald’s restaurants in Southwest India.

In a statement to The Times of India, McDonald’s India said the app does not store “confidential financial information” such as credit card numbers, passwords, or bank account information.

It is recommended to note that the security updates of the official website and the application are updated at the regular intervals.

Fallible said it verified after updating the app and found that the information had still been lost, but did not provide details on the extent of the leak.

He added that he had informed McDonald’s of the recently discovered problem and was waiting for a second response.

The Hindu reports that a user of the application has probably already taken legal action on the leaked server.

Security firm Fallible has said that the lack of strict data protection laws in India and the lack of penalties for data breaches means that many companies have done little to protect user data.

More than 50 cases if the data breaches were mentioned in the reports.

Fast-food giant McDonald’s posted higher-than-expected sales in January, in part due to strong demand in Europe.

Similar sales that eliminate the impact of new openings increased 5.3% across the group and 7% at European restaurants.

The world’s largest restaurant chain emphasized the demand for McCafe chocolate and McNuggets chicken.

McDonald’s shares closed 2.6% after the announcement.

In Europe, the company performed well in Germany, Great Britain, France, and Russia.

Similar sales increased by 3.1% in the United States and 5.2% in areas identified by the company, such as the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa.

“I am confident that we can continue to innovate, invest and deliver what our customers want today and in the future,” said Jim Skinner, Group CEO.