McDonald’s Delicious Dipping Sauce

The cult comedy Rick and Morty sparked nostalgia for a McDonald’s spice.

Cartoon Network fans have been in crisis since the season 3 premiere, which launched unexpectedly on April 1, and they refer to a “Sichuan sauce” made by the fast-food chain for nearly two decades. Mashable was offered. Reports, As a result, the mad scientist of the same name, Rick Sanchez, promises “another nine seasons until I get this Sichuan sauceĀ  or another 97 years.”

What’s so special about this sauce?

The sauce was briefly served alongside McNuggets in 1998 to promote the Disney animated film Mulan, which is from the Chinese legend of the warrior Hua Mulan. Although Mulan itself comes from northern China, a far cry from present-day Sichuan province, according to nostalgic Reddit users, the sauce would combine the equally non-Sichuan flavors of the sweet and sour sauce and barbecue.

What do people want?

More than 11,000 people have already signed a petition asking for the product to be returned, and conversations on social media triggered a tweet from McDonald’s official Twitter account. With a live version of Mulan hitting theaters next year, many were hoping the lost sauce would be reintroduced. McDonald’s kept its promise to Justin Roiland, the inventor of Rick and Morty, and sent him a glass of Szechuan sauce, which played a prominent role throughout the show.

Roiland told reporters at Comic-Con in San Diego earlier this month that McDonald’s had agreed to send him the spice that had not been commercially available since the promotion of the Mulan film in 1998.

On Sunday morning, Roiland tweeted photos of a bottle of Szechuan sauce with a special message. Chef Mike added that “some lucky fans can experience glory” and suggested McDonald’s plans to relaunch the sauce.