McDonad’s offering all the soft drinks for just $1

Following recent promotions, such as new clover shakes and Big Macs in various sizes, McDonald’s is now taking a more traditional approach to attract customers: Prices are falling on the beverage menu.

Starting in April, McDVOICE will offer non-alcoholic beverages of all sizes for just $ 1. For a limited time, McCafe restaurant drinks, including smoothies, smoothies, and espresso, are available for just $ 2.

McDonald’s plans to combine advertising with a national advertising campaign, reports Bloomberg.

The fast-food giant has yet to release a press release on the promotion, but Business Insider reports that the company’s 2016 revenue, a 2.1% decrease from the previous year, may have accelerated development.

Business Insider also points to the drop in food prices as another factor that may affect McDonald’s decision to lower prices.

It would not be the first time that McDVOICE has attempted to revive declining sales with cheaper menu items.

In 2016, shortly after the dollar menu was phased out, McDonald’s launched the McPick 2 offering, which allowed customers to choose between two items (in a special menu area) for just $ 2. However, a few weeks after On debut, the company completely redesigned the promotion, changed menu options, and increased prices to $ 5.

“The demand was somewhat weak,” said Jack Russo, an analyst at Edward D. Jones & Co. Many of these people believe they have to push people beyond the door.

Adam Salgado, vice president of marketing for McDVOICE, is more optimistic about the beverage industry and explains to Bloomberg that this is “another valuable layer” for McDonald’s customers.

“We know that there are consumers concerned about the budget,” added Hidalgo. “Courage will always be part of our strategy.”