Manhunt outside McDonald’s restaurant

A two-person car was killed in a parking lot at McDVOICE restaurant in Hull.

According to reports, armed officials and a police helicopter were dispatched to the St. Andrews Quay restaurant around 11:30 a.m. GMT after reports of a shooting.

Police said a blue Volkswagen Golf with two people was fired and that the windows were open.

Two people were arrested in connection with the shooting and are being questioned by police. Police in Humberside said: “We know the license plate number and the pending violations.”

The car is at its top speed

The group believes it was an isolated case where criminals and victims knew each other. The police did not shoot anything.

Darren Woodhead was on his way to McDVOICE when the shooting occurred.

He said, I listened gunshots near us and a car sped past the unit.

The police came with pistols in a few minutes, then three police cars came with heavily armed police.

Authorities isolated the scene to investigate forensic medicine in the area. The oldest employee of a fast-food chain in Europe is 90 years old and has no plans to retire.

World War II veteran Bill Dudley of Connah’s Quay threw a party at the Mold McDonald’s restaurant where he works.

The great-grandfather started working part-time in customer service nine years ago after getting bored with a potter at home.

Dudley, who gave services in the Navy, said, “I still like coming to work.”

Wednesday was a holiday for the former tow truck driver, whose wife calls him “Old McDVOICE.”

Stewart Williams, the restaurant’s franchisee, said he admires Dudley’s “continued enthusiasm”.

We are all greatly proud to work with him because he is a very inspiring person on the team. I am very much eager to celebrate his birthday again next year.