Interesting story behind the establishment of the McDonald’s

The man who built one of the world’s largest restaurant franchises is not called McDonald’s.

Ray Kroc, who has turned a small burger into a global fast-food giant, is already known to many Big Mac fans, but The Founder, a movie released on Friday with limited freedom, tells the story behind The Origins McDonald’s and the How Kroc rewrote history to become the founder of the company.

Or rather, it tells a version of the story.

The details of what actually happened to depend on the person you asked. This was made clear on a 1973 McDonald’s cover. See how this article told the story:

The Technique Used

In 1940, the first McDonald’s brothers, Richard and Maurice, known as Dick and Mac, opened a hamburger restaurant near Pasadena, California. However, in 1948, they realized that their restaurant would be more profitable if they increased their efficiency by simplifying the menu and preparing dishes before hard times. An innovative change: the use of infrared heat lamps to keep chips warm, a technique announced by Dick TIME that was the first to enter the industry. Contrary to the founding story, in which Kroc passed the franchise on to the brothers, Dick and Mac had franchised about six restaurants before meeting Kroc. Kroc, who supplied the smoothie machines he used in his restaurants, was very surprised when he ordered eight mixers for a restaurant that flew to California to find out what kind of store could make so many smoothies.

Kroc, who had previously struggled to survive and act as a jazz pianist and paper cup vendor, immediately applied to become a McDonald’s franchise agent. “When I got there, I saw more people in a row than at any entrance,” he told TIME. “I thought, motherfucker, these people have something. How about opening some of these places?” He asked the McDonald brothers how much they would pay to sell the entire chain, including his name. The price was $ 2.7 million, except that they would retain ownership of the original restaurant. Kroc taken from various sources to meet the price. “The $ 2.7 million cost me $ 14 million,” Kroc told TIME. “But I think there was no way out. I needed the McDonald’s name and the golden ribbons. What are you going to do with a name like Kroc?”‘